Oakland Livable Wage Assembly

The Oakland Livable Wage Assembly builds Community and Power among those who seek higher wages and better work life conditions for area workers.

Our work together encompasses:

  1. The concerns of care, precarious and contingent workers
  2. Concurrent campaigns to improve wages for low-wage workers
  3. Efforts by unionized workers and unions to improve wages and quality of work life. We share stories and information in an egalitarian and participatory way to build relationships and build the movement

The Oakland Livable Wage Assembly meets regularly. Please join us to collaborate in principled reflection on what Bay Area Livable Wage should be and where we are at in terms of Livable Wage rights.

Women, Workers and We all demand
$20min by 2020max!
Fair Scheduling
Enforcement of Labor Law

  • Oakland used to have the highest minimum wage in the country – no longer.
  • Other cities make employers schedule workers' hours in advance – not Oakland.
  • Other cities enforce their labor laws and investigate violations – not Oakland.
  • Oakland has one of the highest cost of livings in the U.S. – it needs the most progressive labor laws in the country.

This proposed model legislation was developed for OLWA and the City of Oakland by volunteer attorney Scott Hochberg drawing upon best practices around the country to increase the minimum wage, to establish fair scheduling for retail workers, and to create a labor standards enforcement mechanism. If enacted it will increase the minimum wage in Oakland to $14/hour in 2017, and step by step up to $20/hour by 2020.

For a brief moment in 2014 when Oakland enacted Measure FF we had the highest minimum wage in the country. We can do it again. We know the best defense is often a strong offense. The Washington administration by, for, and of the billionaires and its Labor Department lackey appointee seeks to decrease all working people's wages to enrich themselves further. This new law would signal real resistance to the billionaires' agenda to impoverish us all.

We urge all Oaklanders to share the proposed law with your City Council members and urge its quick enactment in 2017.

Download the draft legislation for the Oakland Minimum Wage and Fair Scheduling Ordinance